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Descriptions of the Manuscript

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Images of the Manuscript

The manuscript is the property of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana. Commercial use of images of the manuscript must be licensed from them, direzione.biblioteca@ambrosiana.it.

A reconstruction of the original fifth-century codex of Latin Moses (including Jubilees and the Testament of Moses) facilitates visualization of the preserved portion and the structure of a quire-based codex. (LINK)

All available images are stored on the project IIIF Repository, using the IIIF Image and Presentation APIs. Latin Moses and the Commentary on Luke have been optimized for UCLA Mirador (LINK). The IIIF Navigator (LINK) is also still available.

User guides for navigating UCLA Mirador will be added as soon as possible. In the meantime here are three tips:

  1. The fifth icon from the left on the image window offers a menu of different light positions and color enhancements.
  2. The dialogue bubble toggles notes, which include links to available WebRTI images, transcriptions, and translations (Latin Moses, not yet Commentary on Luke).
  3. If the notes over the reflective sphere are covered by the tray of thumbnails on the bottom, look for an icon of three little boxes to clear them away.

The microfilm and 2011 images previously listed here are integrated into the IIIF manifests, viewable through Mirador (LINK) or the IIIF Navigator (LINK).

Bibliography on the Bobbio manuscripts

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Bibliography on Latin Palimpsests

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Bibliography on the Manuscripts of Eugippius

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Bibliography on the Arian Commentary on Luke

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