Ambrosiana F130sup Processing Notes

Ordered in sequence of when processing began

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RLE 4/6/2017


I uploaded three files to the LoadingDock/RLE/Amb_F130sup ... the one I like best is Amb_F130sup_039v_039v_b01-b14_RF_cal_med3+box51_bad_blue_14bands_ICA_R3G6B8.tif

TRH 4/9/2017

Agreed... that image is beautiful and makes most of the text readable.
Great suppression with just enough of the overtext to get oriented...
I don’t see any advantage to the others.
I published that image to the IIIF repository as



RLE 4/7/2017


TRH 4/9/2017

I think the best one overall is Amb_F130sup_057r_b15-b38_FL_cal_med3+box31_bad_W365BGOR_W450BGOR_FL_YELLOW_8bands_ICA_R5G6B8.tif.
I would give some points to Amb_F130sup_057r_b15-b38_FL_cal_med3+box31_bad_W365BGOR+W450BGOR_FL_blue_8bands_ICA_R4G5B6.tif for being strikingly clear in some areas, but other areas are not clear at all, and the areas in which it is clear are also clear enough in R5G6B8.
I published that image to the IIIF repository as

Both images are big improvements over accurate color. I don’t have enough scholarly background on these palimpsests to know what has or has not been read before. I will focus on putting the images into an easy interface for scholars. Perhaps Stefano or someone he knows will be in the best position to publish scholarship.

I think it is working well to wander through the grove of the various palimpsests we captured and pick some low-hanging fruit. We can take the lessons learned back to the harder pages later. Shall we continue with the other pages in Ambrosiana_F130sup?


RLE 4/14/2017

TRH 5/10/2017

My favorite is Amb_F130sup_091r_b01-b14_RF_cal_blue_textblock_14bands_ICA_R-2G3B-5_imgau.tif. However, note that the filename is incorrect. This is an image of Ambrosiana_F130sup_064v. I added it to the IIIF repository as


RLE 4/14/2017

TRH 5/10/2017

This looks good. I added it to the IIIF repository as


No images of this page as of 5/10/2017 (note the filename problem above).