Rewritten Scripture

Introduction to rewritten scripture

Prepare Hanneken, Introduction to Jubilees pp. 1–5; Jubilees 1 (PDF)

Early biblical interpretation

The four assumptions of early biblical interpretation

Examples of biblical interpretation we already saw

Introduction to Jubilees

Jubilees, composition

Jubilees, major concerns

Jubilees 1

Creation in 6 or 7 days

Prepare Genesis 1–3; Jubilees 2–3 (PDF)

Day 1

Day 2, when did God create heaven?

Day 3, when did God create Eden?

Day 4, solar calendar

Day 6, when did God create woman?

Day 7, Sabbath for certain angels and humans

The Garden of Eden

Formation of woman

The origin of work

The gym is for losers

The flood and theodicy

Prepare Jubilees 4–5, 10 (PDF)

Perfect justice with Adam

Perfect justice with Cain

Perfect justice with Flood

Theodicy review

Rewritten 1 Enoch

The Watchers

Jubilees 10:6-14, demons and Mastema (1–14)

Typical apocalypses Jubilees
Demons thrive until final battle between good and evil Demons can be easily bound, most have been
Satan is an enemy of God and God’s people Mastema does God’s dirty work
Demons afflict the righteous Demons exist to punish idolaters (Gentiles and assimilated Jews) [idols are demons]
Resistance to demons depends on secret magic All Israelites have immunity from demons if they separate from gentiles and study scripture

Angelic princes of nations, Jub 15:31-32


Prepare Jubilees 6, 15, and 23 (PDF)

Festival of covenant renewal, Jub 6:15-22

The 364 day calendar, Jub 6:23-37


Jubilees 15:25–27, 33, circumcision

All Gentiles will be destroyed (and God is just)

Noachide laws

Jubilees 10:31–34, Canaan’s rebellious settlement

The Jubilees “apocalypse”

Longevity, Jub. 23:9–15

View of Judah Maccabee, Jub. 23:16–25

View of the new era, Jub. 23:26–30

Afterlife, Jub. 23:31

Test on rewritten bible