3.6. Early Jewish and Christian Practice (How Should God’s People Live Their Daily Lives?)



Early Jesus Movement

See “From Jesus to Christ” Part 2 1:34:20 to 1:35:17.

Social power: egalitarianism



Economic class

See “From Jesus to Christ” Part 1 1:25:45 to 1:30:18.

Social power: martyrdom

The power of the sword

The power of immunity from the sword

The rhetorical force of willingness to die


Different views:

Jewish law and Gentiles who want to join the people of God

Different views:

Should Christians today practice faith the same way the early Christians did?

Reading Responses

Subsequent Christianity

It seems that we still don't (for most of us) share these same ideals (as the early church). What changed? Or maybe what didn't change?

There are a lot of different interpretations to be made from Jesus' words, and it's especially obvious in modern times (with different teaching about Marriage)

In the past, certain methods of living were followed to appeal to god but should those methods be the same?, because society has changed and society has grown past the norms from the past. Who says those methods cant be different?

Is monasticism still used much in Christianity now? And why would their thoughts on monasticism change?

Addressed by the Video (?)

If the women were already taking on the leadership roles, why wouldn't they want them to continue in those roles? Is it because at the time a woman was basically seen as property to a husband so she wasnt able to do much else besides fulfill that wifely duty?

If they weren't following the Law of Moses were they just doing and living how they felt Jesus would want them to live?

Sexuality and Marriage

Today marriage is a moment to be with someone you love and although it was kind of like that in the past marriage was looked down upon

Why is marriage considered bad (according to the Essenes described by Josephus)?

Does Monasticism relate to Plato's idea of the soul separating from the body after death?

How did the narrative get pushed, in the modern day, that women should be completely sub-serviant to their husbands no matter what?

Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Was the Qumran a sacred place? Do the Dead Sea scrolls have a particular author?

Was there influence and connections between these groups?


Why did Paul tell a slave to return to his owner?

Later in the course

But if Jesus forgives us of our sins do we necessarily need to live like God wants us to?