Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 6:00pm, Alkek Atrium, “Women, Faith, and Leadership” (PDF)

Christendom: How should Christian life be practiced?

Monasticism and Religious Orders

Monasticism originated as a discipline of separation from the world

Foundational vows are chastity, poverty, and obedience

Over time became less isolated from the world and more involved in social services

Different orders add different vows and ideals

New orders sometimes founded to deal with new challenges in Christianity

The Marianist Family

Historical Context of the French Revolution

The Founders

Characteristics of Marianist Universities


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Reading Responses


Why were people drawn to monastic life?

Is a monastery for women the same as a convent?

Are there still monasteries in America today?

When it comes to the education that monasteries delivered, what type of education was it? Was it strictly about the Christian faith? Or did they teach other topics such as science or mathematics?


Who practices mysticism today?

When it comes to mysticism, were there cases of being under the influence of certain herbal drugs or medicines?

How would you distinguish mysticism from vivid daydreams? How often is mysticism connected to forms of mental disorders that cause delusions?


What is the history of Christian attitudes toward sexuality?