Reformation Christian Life and Practice

Implications of Reformation Ideals on Practice of Christian Faith

Implications of Sola Scriptura on Christian practice

Implications of faith not works on Christian practice

Implications of individual conscience on Christian practice

Individualism and collectivism in politics

Live free or die / give me liberty or give me death

United we stand, divided we fall

It takes a village to raise a child


I was just following orders

I wasn’t even born yet

I just want what’s best for me and my family

Individualism and collectivism in economics


Free market capitalism

Greed is good

I had to cancel our world tour and record contract to take over my father’s barbershop when he got sick

Individualism and collectivism in social culture

Cowboys, hobos, homelessness

… educates leaders for the common good through community…

Think different

It’s my land, I’ll do what I want

This land is your land, this land is my land

Trains and subways

Individualism and collectivism in religion

The large number of small independent churches in America

My faith necessarily involves my family, community, and heroes

Faith is part of my culture (Irish, the synagogue I don’t go to is orthodox)

Faith is a personal choice, a personal relationship with God


All believers are the body of Christ

Church shopping

Priesthood of all believers / every man is his own priest


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Does Catholicism expect Catholics to agree with Catholic teaching even when it contradicts one’s conscience?


What is the point of infant baptism? How can an infant have faith?

How does the sacrament of Confirmation fit in?