The Twentieth Century

Major Documents of Vatican II

Comparison with Vatican I

Document on the church

Document on other Christian denominations

Document on other religions

More documents: on this world, on the liturgy, on the laity, on governments, on scripture, on priests and nuns

Reading Responses

Vatican 2

was there some backlash from the very conservative Catholic community responding to the transition of conservative views to more liberal views? I suppose the Church should be adapting to new ways and manners but isn’t that the whole point of the church to follow the same teachings?


Controversy about Pope becoming an “influencer”

Why not lower-ranking bishops? An example would be the archbishop in San Antonio having a float in the fiesta parade.

History of the papacy from its origins.

Historical Developments

Secularism in Europe and US… Do you think that the end of Christendom is the slow death of Christianity? Becoming less and less tied to politics until it doesn't exist at all?

I wonder if this would even change back

The first three centuries of Christianity demonstrate that domination is not necessary for the Christian faith.

Why did the catholic church struggle to maintain power and relevance?

Basically I feel like religions are businesses implementing new ideas to fit the demographics of times in order to secure power. I wonder what would happen if the various institutionalized religions were suddenly not institutionalized?

How did industrialization impact theology?

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