Evangelization – To Proclaim Good News

Proselytization – to add members to my religion

What is the good news?

What is the goal of proclaiming the good news?

Controversies about community service

Theologies of Liberation

Is religion helping or hurting?

Different kinds of Liberation Theology

Reading Responses

Ways religion is hurting

When a believer in a religion suffers from job loss or are in need of money they pray and hope thing get better. For the non believers they just start looking for ways to make up the money they lost or try to find a job.

Post Vatican II emphases on our obligations to the poor and oppressed sound more like early Christianity than Constantine-era Christendom.

Historical attitudues toward women are disgusting. (or biblical views, or biblical interpretation)

I'm curious if it was the church that oppressed women or if it was more of culture as a whole thing.

Ideological violence, killing people for having the wrong religion (wrong tacos)

Ways religion is helping

Justice for workers

Home and shelter to those in need for example in food and clothes


Inverse correlation of wealth and religiosity observed in Mexico

Issues not mentioned in the chapter

Gay rights