Contemporary Christian Life and Practice

Natural Law

Moral standards that apply to all human beings regardless of faith

NOT arbitrary cultural constructs

NOT dependent on revelation

Woven into fabric of creation and human conscience


Thinking Theologically About Moral Issues, Practicing Principled Dialogue

Authorities and considerations

Areas of action

Reading Responses

Natural Law

Is this the same natural law theory that we're learning about in Philosophy class?

As for universal moral truths. I don't believe they exist. I think it is completely dependent on how you were raised and where you grew up.

Today people rarely if ever (with the exception of children) need to be taught over and over to treat people with decency.

How would [someone who believe in natural law] explain the appearance of two different views of morals that completely differ? Is one greater than the other or are they equal? If they aren't equal, then doesn't that mean there is no such thing as natural law?


How much should religion change?

Vatican III

Sanctity of Life

What are the limits on sanctity?

Individual issues

Birth control

Sex education

Capital punishment (and what about repeat offenders)

Abortion in cases of rape

Animal rights, animal testing