Mary, Mariology, and the Marianist Family

Theological Questions Supplements 1 (LINK)

Theological Terminology

Trinity (three persons in one god)

Scripture and Tradition as religious authority (Catholic view)

Communion of Saints (more emphasized among Catholics)

Intercession (more emphasized among Catholics)

Ecclesiology (what is the church?)

Liturgical Example

“Therefore I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin, all the angels and saints, and you my brothers and sisters to pray for me to the lord our God”

Contemporary Reception and Debate

The Marianist Family

Historical Context of the French Revolution

The Founders

Characteristics of Marianist Universities

Reading Responses

Role in different denominations

As someone from the outside of religion, it sure seems that mary is very overlooked.

If religions believe Mary gave birth to Jesus and that’s it, why do Christians have figures to worship just as they have of Jesus.

I found it shocking that Mary the mother of Jesus was controversial. I thought Mary being the mother of Jesus was believed by Christians and Catholics. But I now know that Muslims believed this as well.

Do Christians give the same recognition to Muhammed, that Muslims do to Mary?


Why are other people who go to heaven not also assumed?

Does that mean that Mary never made a mistake, or just that she never sinned?

Would it be right to assume that God chose Mary because she was free of sin?


What does the reading mean when it says that Gabriel challenged Mary?

What would have happened if Mary said no to the angel Gabriel? How did Joseph react?

Scripture and Tradition

Why is Mary not mentioned more often in scripture since she is the Mother of Jesus?

Mother of the Church

When it says that she was the interpretation for the church I took it as the Church itself is what gave birth to Jesus, which is kind of a beautiful notion.

Communion of Saints

The idea of the Communion of Saints was new to me.