Grading Rubric for Student Presentations

Criterion 1: Utilizes Guidance from Dr. Hanneken Met with Dr. Hanneken a week in advance having already done some initial exploration and followed advice. One of those things not really true (not a week in advance, not prepared, no follow-up). Two of those things not really true. Three of those things not really true. No effort to utilize guidance from Dr. Hanneken.
Criterion 2: Accurate information based on reliable sources Quality bibliography of sources used submitted through Canvas. The presenter is clearly informed by current and reliable sources relevant to the topic. Presentation needs to be informed by better research. A major point or perspective is missing. Information is false or objectionable to many scholars.
Criterion 3: Clearly organized and structured Insightful way of making clear the fundamental points that make the details fit together. Uses time efficiently to make clear major points with an appropriate level of detailed examples to support points. Occasional unsupported general assertions or lists of facts without leading to a clear point or conclusion. Spend more time thinking about how to shape your research into a presentation. Presentation appears thrown together.
Criterion 4: Relevant to the course Presentation enhances understanding the related course topic by illustrating what is shared and different across traditions. Presentation fits with the related course topic. Presentation addresses the broader course theme of the history of how people have asked and answered theological questions. Presentation could just as easily fit in a non-Theology course. Presentation misses or misrepresents an important concept from the course.
Criterion 5: Engages the audience Listening to you is more interesting than a message from an attractive person. Listening to you is more interesting than a phone. Try practicing in front of a friend who will tell you what parts are slow and what is distracting. Even well-meaning people have trouble paying attention. Not everyone can hear you.
Criterion 6: Educational One or more usable quiz questions submitted through Canvas. Makes clear points that are new, important, relevant, and assessable. Thought provoking but not much that could be objectively assessed. Doubtful if anything new and relevant could be remembered in five days by most students. Doubtful if anything new and relevant could be remembered in five minutes by most students.

Zero points are given for presentations that are not ready at the start of class on the assigned day.