Premodern Interpretation of Gen 1-6

Roles of women

Does Genesis say women are inferior to men?

Genesis 1:27

Genesis 2:18

Genesis 2:22-24

Genesis 3:6-7

Genesis 3:16

Premodern interpretations of the trinity in Genesis 1

Holy Spirit

The Son

Premodern interpretation of Genesis 2:17

“On the day you eat of it you shall surely die!”

“Day” = “Millennium”

“Surely die” = death of the soul, not body

“Surely die” = “become mortal”

“Surely die” = “become aware of your mortality”

Premodern interpretation of Genesis 6:1-4, Origin of Evil

Angelic rebellion, invasion, and rape

Offspring were monsters

Spirits continued as demons

Postmodern ecological interpretation of Genesis 1:26-30


God created vegans