Morality, Joshua, and the Conquest

Rape of an un-betrothed girl

Deut 22:28-29


How is this the word of God?


Assumptions - basic institution of slavery

Intentions - reform to the point of obsolescence

Deut 23:16-17

Just war

“the ban,” “doom to destruction”

Deut 20:16-17

Solidarity with the oppressed

“Remember you were slaves in Egypt”

Deut 24:18 widow’s coat

Deut 24:22 harvesting

Humanitarianism toward animals

Deut 25:4, muzzle an ox

Deut 22:6-7, bird’s nest


Deut 14:29, gifts to God become gifts to the poor

Incompatible with other views of sacrifice

Economic policies

No interest on loans

Can’t refuse loans

Debts cancelled every seven years

Goal of obliteration of poverty

Supernatural economic principle

Four models of the origin of Israel in Canaan (Collins)




Gradual emergence