Prophecy in General and Elijah

Sources of authority

Reason and experience

Tradition — that which is handed down

Revelation — God said so

Prophecy claims revelation supported by reason, experience, and tradition

Problems with claims to revelation

How do we verify?

Miracles not common as “proof” in the OT

Distrust of magic

Prophets can be liars

Prophets can be wrong

True prophets have no ulterior motive

Most of the Bible does not claim direct revelation

Types of prophets

Apostolic — commissioned and sent for a purpose


Prophets eventually replaced by visionaries and inspired interpreters

Elijah and Elisha

Adventure stories, not oracles

The contest with the prophets of Baal

The small still voice (19:11-12)

Miracles influence the NT

The chariot of fire

Elijah in Lebanon