Third Isaiah and Daniel

Eschatology — study of the last things

Theodicy: not in this life or this world

Places of reward and punishment: heaven and hell

Purgatory — everything bad about us is burned away before we can enter God’s presence

Body and soul — what am I if not my body?

Resurrection of the body at final judgment

Intermediate state — what happens between death and final judgment

Fate of the world

When? Calculations and delays

Is the Kingdom of God already or not yet?

Eschatology in Third Isaiah

Social context: rebuilding Jerusalem, Jewish identity

Radical hopes for New Jerusalem, New Heavens, New Earth

Who are God’s enemies? Jewish leaders

Who are God’s people? All nations

End of the world

No afterlife

Eschatology according to Daniel

Social context: persecution and civil war

End of the world (as we know it)




Influence on Christianity