20th Century Systematic Theology

Benedict XII’s Benedictus Deus (1336 CE) (PDF)

  1. What happens to the saints and the faithful departed who need no purification?
  2. What happens to those who die in mortal sin?
  3. Is this their (those in mortal sin and the faithful departed) final place?
  4. What does this document say about the intermediary state?

Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel and Jürgen Moltmann. “To Believe With All Your Senses: The Resurrection of the Body.” CTSA Proceedings 60 (2005) pp. 1-12. (PDF)

  1. Why does Jurgen argue that we will resurrect in our physical bodies?
  2. What is the experienced body Jurgen talks about?
  3. When does our resurrection occur according to Jurgen?

“Feminist Theologies,” pp. 45-50 in McDowell and Kirkland, Eschatology.

  1. How have women been portrayed in the literature we have read in the course?
  2. What are some specific examples of women in the sources we have covered?

“Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology of Hope,” pp. 74-78 in McDowell and Kirkland, Eschatology.

  1. What are Moltmann’s two crucial themes of experience of God?
  2. How does Moltmann distinguish eschatological and utopian hope?

“Liberation Theologies,” pp. 78-82 in McDowell and Kirkland, Eschatology.

  1. What do Boff and Boff believe to be the role of the church in God’s eschatological action?

D. A. Lane. “Eschatology (In Theology).” New Catholic Encyclopedia, Second Edition. (2003) 345-352. (PDF)

  1. What are the main differences in the view of eschatology before and after the Reformation?
  2. How does eschatology influence the rest of the field of theology?

Peter C. Phan. “Contemporary Context and Issues in Eschatology.” Theological Studies 55.3 (1994) 507-536. (PDF)

  1. What are the doctrines that Questions in Eschatology derives from the liturgy of the dead?
  2. Why does Phan think the Commission adequately emphasizes that death affects the whole person?

Further reading

Some sections of McDowell and Kirkland are not required, but are important especially for modern German biblical scholarship and theology.