Links and Key Resources for Workshop at Notre Dame May 15-17, 2018

Quick links to key contributions of the Jubilees Palimpsest Project

Workshop at Notre Dame May 15-17, 2018 schedule and resources.

IIIF image repository with Mirador Viewer (see also IIIF Navigator)

About the Jubilees Palimpsest

  1. English translation of Ceriani's introduction (1861)
  2. TEI XML Edition of Ceriani's edition of Latin Moses (Jubilees and the Testament of Moses)
  3. Reconstruction of the original quires of Latin Moses, with links to Mirador
  4. Paleography chart of Latin Moses
  5. The Book of Jubilees in Latin, prepared for Brill, Textual History of the Bible

Archive of data from the Ambrosiana including raw capture data, guides such as that of the processing team on S36 and this file.


  1. Documentation
  2. Article prepared for Brill's Digital Biblical Studies
  3. Article prepared for Brill's Textual History of the Bible
  4. Github repository

Major sites launched or re-launced 2018

  1. Digital Mappa (IIIF support is planned)
  2. Sinai Palimpsests on UCLA Mirador
  3. Parker on the Web
  4. Huntington Digital Library, ContentDM with IIIF
  5. Ten Thousand Rooms
  6. Artmyn

Upcoming events and deadlines

  1. Medieval Academy Workshop at Yale July 10-12, 2018, applications must be submitted by June 1.
  2. R-CHIVE (Rochester Cultural Heritage Imaging, Visualization, and Education) conference June 7-8, 2018