Introduction to Apocalypses

Non-scholarly usage

Three distinct terms

Apocalypse (literary genre)

The apocalyptic worldview

Enoch and the books attributed to him

Recommended: If you lack confidence when I talk about major figures and events such as creation, Eden, Adam, Eve, Noah, and the flood read Genesis 1-11 (LINK)


The flood and justice

The Watchers, Sons of God

The Books of 1 Enoch in order of composition

Enoch’s First Dream Vision

Prepare 1 Enoch 83–84 (pp. 116–119) (HTML or PDF)

Revelatory framework

Spatial axis

Temporal axis

For next time: allegorical key to the Animal Apocalypse

The Animal Apocalypse, explaining the present

Skim 1 Enoch 85–89; read carefully 90:1–19

Origin and explanation of evil (spatial axis)

The present

The Animal Apocalypse, expectations for the future

Prepare 1 Enoch 90:20–42

The future judgment

The future restoration

Narrative framework

The Apocalypse of Weeks

Prepare 1 Enoch 93:1–91:17 (pp. 139-142)

Narrative framework

Review of the past

The present

The future

Narrative Bridge, messiahs

Prepare 1 Enoch 91:1–92:5 (pp. 136–138)

Narrative Bridge

Epistle Intro