Introduction to Theology

Todd R. Hanneken, Ph.D.

Fall 2022

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  1. Introductions August 17, 19
  2. Israelites 1 August 22, 24, 26
  3. Israelites 2 August 29, 31, September 2
  4. Early Judaism and Christianity 1 September 5, 7, 9,
  5. Early Judaism and Christianity 2 September 12, 14, 16
  6. Early Judaism and Christianity 3 September 19, 21, 23
  7. Mary and Midterm September 26, 28, 30
  1. Christendom 1 October 3, 5, 7
  2. Fall break October 10, 12, 14
  3. Christendom 2 October 17, 19, 21
  4. Reformation 1 October 24, 26, 28
  5. Reformation 2 October 31, November 2, 4
  6. 20th Century 1 November 7, 9, 11,
  7. 20th Century 2 November 14, 16, 18
  8. Exam

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  1. Introductions
  2. The Israelites
  3. Early Judaism and Christianity
  4. Christendom
  5. Reformation
  6. 20th Century



Notes on Rubric

List of presentations

Unit 1: Introductions

Week 1, August 17-19, Introductions

Wednesday, August 17, Introduction to this class

Syllabus (LINK)

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, August 19, Introduction to the academic study of theology

Unit 2: The Israelites

Week 2, August 22-26, The Israelites 1

Monday, August 22, Who are the Israelites?

Reading: Theological Questions 2.1 Who are the Israelites?

Screen notes (LINK)

Wednesday, August 24, What kind of god do we have?

Reading: Theological Questions 2.2 What kind of god do we have?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, August 26, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: The Life of the Buddha

Presentation: Pantheism

Quiz 1

Week 3, August 29 – September 2, The Israelites 2

Monday, August 29, Theodicy: Is God just?

Wednesday, August 31, Israelite Practice

Reading: Theological Questions 2.4 How should we live our lives?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, September 2, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Presentation: The Four Noble Truths

Presentation: The Eightfold Path

Quiz 2

Unit 3: Early Judaism and Christianity

Week 4, September 7-9, Early Judaism and Christianity 1

Monday, September 5, Labor Day (no class meeting)

Wednesday, September 7, How did the Greeks and Romans change the meaning of life?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.1 What changed with Hellenistic and Roman rule?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, September 9, Where is the world going?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.2 What does God have planned for this world?

Screen notes (LINK)

Quiz 3

Week 5, September 12-16, Early Judaism and Christianity 2

Monday, September 12, Who is Jesus?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.3 Who is Jesus of Nazareth?

Screen notes (LINK)

Wednesday, September 14, Why did Jesus die?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.4 Why did Jesus die?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, September 16, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Reincarnation and Moksha/Nirvana

Presentation: Life of Muhammed

Presentation: Homer, Odyssey Book 11

Quiz 4

Week 6, September 19-23, Early Judaism and Christianity 3

Monday, September 19 What will Jesus do in the future?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.5 What will Jesus do in the future?

Screen notes (LINK)

Wednesday, September 21, Are we ready?

Reading: Theological Questions 3.6 How should God’s people live their daily lives?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, September 23, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Islamic Eschatology

Presentation: 5 Pillars of Islam

Quiz 5

Week 7, September 26-30, Mary and Midterm

Monday, September 26, Mary

Reading: “Mary, Mariology, and Marianists” in Theological Questions Supplements (LINK)

Presentation: Mary in Islam

Screen notes (LINK)

Wednesday, September 28, Mary

Friday, September 30, Midterm

Unit 4: Christendom

Week 8, October 3-7, Christendom 1

Monday, October 3, What if the Roman Empire isn’t so bad after all?

Wednesday, October 5, What is the Church?

Reading: Theological Questions 4.2 What is the Church?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, October 7, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Early Caliphates

Presentation: Maimonides

Quiz 6

Week 9, October 10-14, Fall Break

Monday, October 10, Fall Break (no classes)

Wednesday, October 12, We will use this day to catch up if necessary.

Friday, October 14, Class will be cancelled while Dr. Hanneken is away at the Theology Overnight Intensive.

Week 10, October 17-21, Christendom 2

Monday, October 17, What about the Jews?

Wednesday, October 19, How should Christian life be practiced?

Reading: Theological Questions 4.4 How should religious life be practiced?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, October 21, Presentations and Quiz

Unit 5: Reformation

Week 11, October 24-28, Reformation 1

Monday, October 24, Who were the protestant reformers?

Wednesday, October 26, What did they protest?

Reading: Theological Questions 5.2 Whom do you trust with big decisions?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, October 28, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Sunni and Shi'i

Presentation: Hadith and Fiqh

Quiz 8

Week 12, October 31 – November 4, Reformation 2

Monday, October 31, Do my actions affect my salvation?

Reading: Theological Questions 5.3 What do I have to do to be saved?

Screen notes (LINK)

Wednesday, November 2, How should I live my life?

Unit 6: 20th Century

Week 13, November 7-11, 20th Century 1

Monday, November 7, What happened in the 20th century?

Wednesday, November 9 How does faith hold up to reason in the 20th century?

Reading: Theological Questions 6.2 Faith and/or reason?

Screen notes (LINK)

Friday, November 11, Presentations and Quiz

Presentation: Karl Marx

Presentation: Richard Dawkins

Quiz 10

Week 14, November 14-18, 20th Century 2

Monday, November 14, Is Christianity useful?

Wednesday, November 16, What can I do to make it more useful?

Thursday, November 17, 7:00pm UC-A, Extra Credit

Dr. Anathea Portier-Young, “From the Throne to the Cross: Mediating Bodies in the Prophetic Illuminations of the Saint John’s Bible”

Friday November 18, Presentations and Quiz


Final Review and Exam

Monday, November 21, No class meeting (Dr. Hanneken in Denver for Socity of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting)

Wednesday, November 23, No class meeting (Thanksgiving Break)

Friday, November 25, No class meeting (Thanksgiving Break)

Monday, November 28, Review for Final Exam

Wednesday, November 30, Study Day (no class meeting)

Final exam at day and time announced by the registrar